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How To Get Your House Really Clean - Just Use Water

Updated: May 31, 2019

The secret is in using technology instead of harsh chemicals.

The Apple Basket is delighted to offer our customers this remarkable new product that takes cleaning into the 21st century. Plain water and e-cloths clean every surface better than any chemical cleaners. Detox your house! TO LEARN MORE, HERE IS INFORMATION FROM THE E-CLOTH WEBSITE:

Cleaning with microfibre has grown more and more popular in recent years, with many people appreciating the advanced cleaning capabilities of microfibre over ordinary cloths. Why is it so good to clean with microfibre? Well, microfibre cloths are made with many small and fine fibres which are more capable of attaching themselves to dirt, grease and bacteria. This also enables them to remove more of these items, meaning that cleaning with microfibre cloths is a fantastic and effective option.

“e-cloth fibres are more advanced than your typical microfibre, because we put so much more into the technology.”

What you can clean with microfibre cloths e-cloths are highly versatile, and our range is very broad, offering tools to tackle any cleaning job. There is no job too big or too small for an e-cloth, and here are just some of the ways you can clean with microfibre:

Cleaning Bathrooms with e-cloths

e-cloths are extra absorbent, making them the perfect tool for cleaning wet surfaces in bathrooms. The selection of e-cloths in our bathroom range are perfect for cleaning showers, bathtubs, sinks, units and even floors. All you need to do is give the affected area a good scrub with just your e-cloth and water, and all bathroom surfaces will be left sparkling. Even with just water, e-cloths can remove up to 99% of bacteria, including the harmful types that can thrive in bathrooms.

e-cloths are the perfect product for cleaning stainless steel kitchen appliances

Cleaning kitchens with microfibre cloths

Kitchens can easily build up with dirt, grime, as well as bacteria. This makes them one of the most difficult rooms to clean. Microfibre cloths are ideal for working away difficult to remove grease build-up which is common in kitchens and around cookers. Our range of kitchen e-cloths is also powerful yet gentle enough to work away the dirt on appliances and worktops, yet gentle enough not to leave behind any scratches. The kitchen can also harbour different types of bacteria that can cause illness or food poisoning and e-cloths can remove up to 99% of these traces.

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