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Create Something Individual With The Original!

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

You may have heard about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® – but did you know that there really is an Annie Sloan – who trained as a fine artist and in the 1970’s became a decorative artist, painting murals in houses?

According to her website, “By 1987, Annie had written the phenomenally successful book The Complete Book of Decorative Paint Techniques, which is considered to be the industry bible on the subject. Unable to find the paints that she wished to work with, Annie used her knowledge of color, paint, pigments and art history to develop Chalk Paint® in 1990. In 2000, Annie set up a shop in Oxford to showcase Chalk Paint®, run courses, and offer interior design services.”

Annie Sloan went on to write 26 internationally sold books. By sharing her passion for decorative painting, she has transformed the world of furniture paint. “Annie’s fine-art background and contagious enthusiasm for decorative painting has motivated both home painters and experienced professionals, unlocking countless creative potentials over the last 30 years.”

Annie lives and works in Oxford with her husband, David. She has three sons.


What Makes Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Unique?

“Annie Sloan first developed her now-famous furniture paint, Chalk Paint®, in 1990. When she started working on it, she wanted to create a decorative paint that was immediate and allowed her to be direct and spontaneous. She had three young boys under 7 at the time, so she had little time to decorate. She wanted a fast turn around – paint in the morning, then wax and put it back in position by the afternoon. What’s more, she wanted to develop a paint that could go on more or less anything – old and new wood, metal, plastic, cement, bricks, etc. – all with no priming, no sanding, no preparation needed.

She also wanted the colours to be mixable without becoming dead or muddy – indeed, the way she makes colours is not the same as any other paint company. She called her paint Chalk Paint® because of its beautiful velvety, matt finish.”

At The Apple Basket, you will find all the Annie Sloan products you need to create your own beautiful projects. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is so easy to use that even beginners can achieve spectacular results. We also offer DIY classes where you can learn the techniques and tricks to take your decorative projects to the next level “wow” factor!

In addition to carrying her products and offering classes, The Apple Basket sells many pieces of furniture that have been refinished using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and are ready for purchase.

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